Friday, June 15, 2007

Pocahontas Has A New Car!!

Q'orianka Kilcher, the 17 year old actress who played Pocahontas in the 2005 film The New World, received a new car.

It's not just an average car, but a futuristic hydrogen fuel cell car, FCX, produced by Honda!!!

Just pause for a moment, think about the ramifications. Honda will be producing these vehicles, next year, in 2008, not one by one, but on an assembly line! And it is not just Honda. Other major auto makers are big into the fuel cell thing, including GM and Ford. See for more fuel cell related news.

Hydrogen fuel cells uses platinum and palladium as catalyst. Just think about the demand of these two metals. The whole world only produces 7 million ounces of palladium a year, or 220 metric tons. I do NOT think the world has any where near enough palladium and platinum to allow fuel cell vehicles to become popular. But even just a few millionaires order a fuel cell vehicles, that's enough metal demand to drive the price sky high. You would thought automakers are joking. But it's no longer a joke when not one, but several auto makers already put down tens of billions of dollars researching this thing. And they actually produced a prototype which Pocahontas is driving on the San Francisco streets! They are dead serious!

This is good bullish news to SWC stock holders. Of course I already made the case that SWC should gain 2000% based on reasonable P/E=10 and the metal price should quadruple.