Thursday, June 21, 2007

Due Diligent Study - Johnson Matthey PGM Documents

For those of you who would like to do some due diligence study of the palladium and platinum market fundamentals, the Johnson Matthey annual reports are must reads. I have collected a few links here to some PDF documents:

Palladium 2007 Platinum 2007 Full Report 2007
Palladium 2006 Platinum 2006 Full Report 2006
Palladium 2005 Platinum 2005
Palladium 2004 Platinum 2004
Palladium 2003 Platinum 2003
Palladium 2002 Platinum 2002
Palladium 2001 Platinum 2001
Palladium 2000 Platinum 2000
Palladium 1999 Platinum 1999

Platinum Metals Review

Be aware that Johnson Matthey has their own agenda so take their data with a grain of salt. For a none-biased alternative source of statistics check out the USGS page on PGM metals.