Monday, October 27, 2008

Safe Haven Investments: Imminent Danger and Opportunities!

When people see danger in the market, their animal instinct response is to liquidate everything and go fully in cash to ride out the storms. The conventional wisdom is "Cash is King". But conventional wisdom doesn't work anymore, as this is unconventional time. If you are fully loaded in cash or US Treasury Bonds, this news first noted by Karl Denninger should completely shock you out of your shell:

$2.29 Trillion Dollars US Treasury Bonds Failed To Deliver!

Note it is $2.29 TRILLION, with a T for Trillion! I never heard one can short US Treasury Bonds, let alone naked shorting US T-Bonds! The T-Bonds are considered some of the safest investments, with the full faith and credit of the US government guaranteeing the principal, and you get an interest payment. So shorting US T-Bonds is virtually guaranteed to lose money. You will have to payback the principal plus the interest. You do NOT short the US T-Bonds, let alone naked shorting, let alone as much as $2.29 Trillion.

That is UNLESS you are a really BIG player and you clearly see imminent danger of the collapse of the US T-Bonds, and of the US dollar itself. I wrote before that Warren Buffet saw extreme danger in the US Treasury Bonds and he was completely out of the bonds and fully into the equities market now. Of course people should respect and follow this guy's wisdom. But small potatoes like Warren Buffet could not have naked shorted $2.3 Trillion US T-Bonds. Some one much bigger and knows better did it. I will not speculate. Please read Karl Benninger's comment.

Money created out of thin air is NOT King! The Kings now are precious metals. Never mind the fact that the dollar staged a shocking rally and precious metals plummeted. The dollar rally is nothing but a bubble, while current precious metal prices, especially platinum and palladium, is nothing but absurdity. Physical commodities MUST be priced above their production cost, or the supply will simply dry out, as no one can continue produce metals at a loss. So if I am sitting on my precious metals, I pretty much have the guarantee that they will soon appreciate in real purchase power term. On the other hand, if you are sitting on trillion of dollars of the fiat currency, and the currency falls, the only guarantee you will have is they will continue to fall further down, until eventually they reach zero.

The general market always manages to fool most people most of time, and causes more people to lose more money in unexpected way, and rewards only the selected few who has the wisdom and who has the determination to stick to their wisdom. The current global crisis necessarily means an astronomical amount of fortune must be totally wiped out. What could be a better, cleaner and quicker way of wiping out trillions of dollars of fortune instantly, than to first herd the sheeples into holding nothing but cash, and then the currency suddenly collapses? Of course the US dollar rallies big time if every one is herded into buying dollars. A bubble is something pumped up to a valuation much higher than where it should be.

Fiat money is completely at odd with the economy basics of supply and demand. For anything physical, equilibrium can be reached as the price impact positively on supply and negatively on demand. Higher price encourages more production while low price suppresses the supply. When the price falls below cost, supply dries up as no one can continue to produce and sell something at loss. On the demand side, the price has exactly the opposite effect. High price suppresses demand while low price encourages consumption.

Fiat money acts in exactly the opposite way. The less valuable a currency becomes, the more is being produced out of thin air. The cheaper the currency becomes, the less people desire to own and keep them, and the faster people want to get rid of them. When people want to get rid of their paper money as fast as possible, it speed up the velocity of money, and cause the value of the currency to plummet even more, forcing the government to print more money. The vicious cycle continues until the currency is totally destroyed. Throughout civilized history of mankind, every single experiment of fiat currency has failed. No exceptions.

In Chinese the word CRISIS contains two characters, DANGER and OPPORTUNITY. We are in extreme danger but also with extremely good investment opportunities. The opportunities are made even better because every one runs away from them and run towards a gigantic death trap with a sign "Cash Is King". Remember one thing, safe havens must be small, with narrow spaces that accomodate only a few refugees.

It reminds me of the Bible story of Noah's Ark. People ridiculed Noah as he was building his ark, thought it had never rained a single drop for a year, how could the flood come? The flood did come as Noah expected. Had these people listened to Noah and seek refuge in his Ark, would it make a difference? No! The Noah's Ark was still only big enough to contain just one pair of each kind of animals. It wouldn't be a Noah's Ark if it was made any bigger. Likewise, today's financial safe haven wouldn't be a safe haven, but a death trap if it was big enough to allow every one in!

Although we do not see a drop of rain yet, trillion dollars of wealth will soon be flushed away by the coming financial flood of hyperinflation. Have you built your Noah's Ark yet? There is definitely NOT enough material to build a big enough Noah's Ark to save every one.

I can't understand it! There are tons of investment opportunities in commodities right now. You can buy a few metric tons of nickel or copper or cobalt or a number of other things. You know they are priced far below their production cost right now. So it is absolutely a guarantee they must appreciate to at least the fair price of their cost. Can you find any better investment, with such absolute certainty of making double, triple and quadruple the money in the next few months, regardless of the demand? How could people be so blind and not seeing the opportunities? They all rush to cash and T-Bonds waiting to be slaughtered, and they actually thought it was safe to be with the biggest group of mobs?

Nickel is now less than 1/6 its price of May, 2007? Hello?!

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH! When enough is enough, the eruption is fierce!

On Monday, third largest nickel producer in Russia, Ufaleynickel, responsible for slightly less than 1% of global supply, announced that they are shutting down production, as the nickel price is simply too low. They need to see at least $26,000 per metric ton to break even.

Instantly nickel shot up to touch $5.00 a pound, from Friday's $4.00. That's a one day rally of 25%. It's probably the biggest one day rally of any commodity in history. Removing 1% of global supply doesn't really change supply/demand that much. But the price was suppressed too much so the bounce had to be fierce. Had you bought nickel at $4, you have made 25% profit in just a day. And yet people rush away to buy US T-Bonds to earn 3% annual interest while waiting to be slaughtered in the looming implosion of the bonds market?

Want to make a 10 fold return in two months, and maybe two weeks? Go buy some palladium metal. Any palladium metal you can find. Palladium price can go from $170 per ounce to $1700 per ounce in no time, once the Russian Checkmate plays out.

The Russian Checkmate event will be Norilsk Nickel (NILSY.PK) shut down production. They are the No. 1 nickel producer in Russia. No. 3 has shut down already. Would No. 1 be far away? Norilsk shut down, and 45% of global palladium supply is gone. I can't even start to predict where palladium price could go up to, with 45% of supply removed instantly. In 2000/2001, one false rumor from Russia was enough to send palladium up to $1100. It would be fun to watch the effect of 45% of palladium supply removed.

Of course, you can get better leveraged gain investing in the palladium stock Stillwater Mining (SWC) and North American Palladium (PAL).

Will Norilsk shut down? They are facing a severe liquidity squeeze. In first half of 2008, Norilsk group reported a profit of $2.682B, at 32% profit margin. If you look up metal prices as of Oct. 24, 08, and re-run the numbers, they would have to write down -$4.594B of sales revenue for the whole group, or $3.634B for the main Norilsk Mine, resulting in heavy losses. The cash drain will be nearly $2B per half year.

Norilsk group had $4.8B cash as of end of June, 08. The main Norilsk mine probably had $4B in cash. They spent $2B in a recent stock buyback, a senseless decision which Mr. Mikhail Prokhorov denounced as "capable of putting the company on the verge of bankruptcy". Operation loss since June probably costs them another $1B. They have a debt payment of $400M due in November. Do they have any cash left? Can they continue to operate the mine at heavy loss? Why would they continue to operate with heavy loss until bankruptcy?

The bullish case for palladium can not be disputed if you understand how bad a shape Norilsk Nickel is in today.

Yesterday's news of Ufaleynickel shut down mentioned OM Group (OMG) and reminded me that OMG is the best cobalt play, because it dominates the chemical sector involving cobalt. I consider cobalt as a better metal to buy than silver, with the potential of 10 fold appreciation in a short period of time. Check out news on Minor Metals. If the speculation of Katanga Mining shut down plays out, cobalt price should fly soon. You can buy cobalt from BHP Billiton (BHP).

There are so many beaten down silver and gold mining shares now. All are very good buys: PAAS, SSRI, SIL, HL, NEM, AUY, NAK, IVN, NG. There are so many to name. Even Southern Copper (PCU), my very first commodity play, is now back below where I first bought in late 2005. Anything in mining is good nowadays. I would not touch Silver Wheaton (SLW)though, because of counter party risks. Also forget about any coal player now. I continue to call for selling JRCC, ACI, ANR, BTU, CNX, at any rally. The US coal market is a local market and is now bearish. Again watch Dry Ships (DRYS) share movement as it is an important indicator of the health of the global economy. I might even consider buying some DRYS as the valuation has become so attractive. But I first need to get a conformation that cross ocean shipping activity is recovering.

I will keep a portion of my portfolio in iShares Silver Trust (SLV). I will not buy gold or SPDR Gold Shares (GLD). I believe gold is adequately priced at current level. The money spent on gold is better spent on something else. Even buying a ton of nickel or copper is better than gold.

But the best of all is still palladium, and the only two pure palladium plays, SWC and PAL. We are witnessing a singularity event unfolding in the palladium market as Norilsk Nickel will inevitably shut down, to protect its own best interest. What is singularity? A singularity is the kind of extremes like what you get when you try to divide a number by zero!

Full Disclosures: The author is heavily invested in SWC, PAL, has considerable stake in OMG and SLV, and will continue to buy some select silver shares including SSRI, HL, PAAS and SIL. I am also looking for opportunity to buy DRYS soon.


kimmy said...

Very interesting blog, keep up the good work

Andrew Abraham said...

Very interesting and extensive post...seems the US FED has transferred the bad debt of the banks on it's shoulders...that is why the members of have been chatting on how to short the US long bonds... thanks for a great post.. maybe you could join us and teach us...thanks


Anonymous said...

JJ/Mark Anthony:

When will you "broken record" on Pt and Pa stocks stop? SWC has fallen to $3.74, well below the price it was trading at *before* the South African power crisis in January 2008!. And now NILSY said it's going to sell its entire SWC stake, and doesn't even notify the company! Get out of the way. In the meantime, SWC still doesn't think it'll make a profit, due to difficulties finding labor. Maybe some unemployed mortgage brokers can work in the mines.

One positive is that the automakers now have access to the Fed's commercial paper program. The negative will be if GM and Chrysler merge before Election Day -- fewer models means less Pt in catalytic converters. Although the closed-loop Pt cycle would suggest that it's all about demand; consumers would buy the same number of cars from GM and Chrysler separately as combined, the closed-loopers would say.

Finally, less boldface and CAPITALS in the posts, please. As some bloggers say, ALL CAPS is a sign of poor analysis.

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